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About French Writing in Canada

Written language skills are key to professional success in the 21st-century workplace. Employers are increasingly demanding regard to the quality of professional texts. They're aware of the central place that writing occupies in the functioning of public and private organizations.

Strengthening the cultural expression of the French language is one of the priorities of several national institutions. So there is funding and an appetite for quality content and resources in French in Canada.

8 million people speak French across Canada. They are often referred to as “Francophones”. They thrive in every province and territory of the country. They are surrounded by people who appreciate the French fact. They are often referred to as “francophiles”.

This is a hot topic. Linguistic insecurity affects Francophone and bilingual individuals across the country. It's usually defined as a feeling of inadequacy when it comes to speaking in French. Overcoming it requires active strategies.

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