À la Carte

As a professional French writing provider, Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. provides its clientele with "à la carte" services. 

These services allow you to respond to specific needs, at specific times in your projects. They also allow you to delegate tasks in your professional writing.

What is à la carte service provision ?

An à la carte service is a one-off service that makes it possible to respond to a single order in terms of professional writing in French.

As a service provider, Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. undertakes to evaluate the order based on the information provided by its clientele, then carry out the tasks ordered based on an hourly rate.

This allows us to support you quickly and responsively, whatever your immediate professional writing needs.

The à la carte service differs from the service package, which generally includes a multimedia component, is deployed over a longer period, and includes a variety of services.

For example, writing a one-off post for a business blog is an a la carte writing service.

On the other hand, designing a blog for a company is subject to a fixed price. It usually involves research, writing, editing, and updates.

How does the delivery of à la carte services in professional writing work ?

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd offers à la carte services that meet the challenges of professional writing in French in Canada. The relevance and quality of this service go hand in hand with attentive and efficient customer service. Whether you order one or more services, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Service Request

    Contact us indicating the service(s) you need. Be specific about the nature of your needs. Remember to indicate the date on which you would like to receive the service.

  • Quote

    Receive your personalized quote within 24 hours. It must be signed and returned to us to place an order.

  • Service Agreement

    For quotes over $1,000, sign a service agreement that outlines the terms of the assignment.

  • Deliverables

    Receive your order by email or on a sharing platform.

  • Satisfaction

    Complete a brief end-of-assignment assessment to get a discount on your next service.

Karine Kosienski
Karine Kosienski
TAO Tel-Aide
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Trust that you will receive a job done with rigor and professionalism.
Chantal Morin
Chantal Morin
Francophone Welcoming Communities - Saskatchewan
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We needed a company to create a guide for newcomers. Thanks to Dream Text, our guide has a professional look.

À la carte Service Request

You know what you want. You have little time to complete everything. Place your order today. Indicate your contact details, the service requested, and the delivery date you have in mind. Remember to include your phone number to facilitate our exchanges.

What à la carte professional writing services do we offer our clientele ?

Select an à la carte service or combine them according to your needs.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. trains you to always write better in French. We design tailor-made training in professional and academic writing.

You can immediately use tools and techniques to write better in French at work. You become an agile writer instead of just adding another certification to your resume.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. writes for you in French.
We formulate your ideas by writing unique and personalized content ready to use.

It allows you to communicate with your audience immediately. As a result, people remember your message, not grammatical errors.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. edits your texts in French. We help you refine your texts by editing them based on an editorial charter or recommendations from reading committees.

It allows you to improve your text to make it publishable. It shines with your readers with its consistency, efficiency, and beauty.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. revises your texts in French. We improve your texts by revising them according to pre-established standards, charters, or guides.

It allows you to improve your text and establish your professional reputation. So, people are struck by the quality of the language and your professionalism in the French language.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. does the graphic design of your documents in French. We arrange your texts and visual elements according to your unique communication needs.

You benefit from effective materials to print or display on the screen. Your ideas impress your audience with their usability and accessibility.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. lays out texts in French for you. We lay out your texts according to pre-established templates, or we create them for you.

You benefit from an effective presentation highlighting your ideas. They impress your audience with their readability and clarity.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. transcribes texts in French for you. We write down audio recordings based on a grid of pre-established standards.

It allows you to copy and paste excerpts or citations into research papers. It also allows you to make your audio content accessible to all audiences through subtitles or alternative texts.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. translates texts from English to French. We translate texts from 150 to 20,000 words in the fields of culture, education, health, and immigration.

So, you can immediately mobilize your audience. Your translations are understood. Moreover, they reflect the diversity of Francophone audiences in Canada.

Your opinion matters when it comes to professional writing in French

Have you already ordered à la carte services? Take a minute to review your order and the professional French writing service you received. By sharing your experience, you give confidence to others to do business with us. Together, we can continue to promote writing in French.