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Why do professional writing and multimedia communication in French
matter ?

Why should you talk to us? French, like English, is one of Canada's two official languages.French speakers add value to Canada.

Research shows that writing will play a key role in workplace innovation in the 21st century.

Employers, aware of the central place of professional writing in public and private organizations, are increasingly demanding in this area.

However, living and working in both of Canada's official languages is not always easy. People can sometimes feel incompetent or not good enough, especially at work.

Francophones often experience linguistic insecurity that hinders their use of French. They also face the dominantanglonormativity in the workplace.

What is our added value? Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. provides content, resources and training in French writing that allow professionals to feel competent and influential at work.

8 million people

French in Canada.

In Ontario, nearly 50% of businesses

are Francophone.

1/3 of Canadian universities

are Francophone or Bilingual.

For whom can professional writing and multimedia communication in French make a difference ?

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. work with businesses, community organizations, and individuals.

The company aims to meet the needs of French, English, or bilingual professionals working in small and medium-sized enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and Canadian academic institutions.

Our strength? To offer you all-in-one solutions for written communication in French thanks to our combined know-how in multimedia communication, resource development, and training in French writing.

What is there to gain? Strong writing skills in French improve access to employment. They also increase opportunities for career development. Professional reputation and influence are guaranteed at work.

Why call on us for professional French writing and multimedia communication in French ?

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. can bring you throughout your career the following expertise:

Multimedia Communication

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. offers all-in-one services for realistic multimedia communication strategies in French.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. guides you through the process from initial ideas to content development and staff training.

Focus Areas

  • Development of a Brand Image
  • Communication Plan
  • Implementation of a Marketing Plan
  • Content Planning
  • Training in Communication

Resource Development

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. offers all-in-one services for effective French resource development.

From project coordination to the final product ready to be shared, Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. helps you shape your vision.

Focus Areas

  • Project Management with Multiple Partners
  • Research and Data Compilation
  • Composition of Texts
  • Graphic Design
  • Resource Update Plan

French Writing Training

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. offers training services to transform your French writing skills once and for all.

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. helps you move forward with your career, from tools and practice to emotional support.

Focus Areas

  • Individual Work Sessions
  • Reading Reports
  • Support Writing Long Texts (thesis, literary work, essay, etc.)
  • French Writing Training
  • Use of Antidote

How can we help you with professional French writing and multimedia communication in French ?

Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd. can support you throughout your career through four consulting areas:


Facilitate multimedia communication work of an individual or group by offering information and recommendations on professional French writing.


Evaluate multimedia communication initiatives of an SME, NPO or institution by offering professional writing support and tools in French.


Design and develop the multimedia communication means in French of an SME, NPO or institution in consultation with stakeholders or independently.


Offer professional French writing training to individuals or groups in a work environment to better write in French at work.

What program do we offer in professional French writing and multimedia communication in French ?

Dream Text Creative Writing, a proudly woman-owned business, is committed to supporting women's career advancement in Canada. 

To do this, we provide Canadian women with a French writing skills-building program: Women in Residence.

This program aims to improve the professional writing in French of women who dream of changing the world, one word at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a virtual residence for qualified female professionals looking to improve their #frenchwriting. Through work-related writing, participants will get feedback and guidance to take their French writing to the next level.

Participants must be

  1. 18 year-old and over
  2. Work or seek employment in one of the following sectors: community development, cultural development, health, education and immigration
  3. Be available for at least four consecutive weeks, 2 hours per week on average
  4. Willing to learn and grow

You can expect to

  1. Mobilize existing professional skills
  2. Develop new professional skills
  3. Build up self-confidence
  4. Grow your professional network
  5. Foster future work reference

This is a virtual program. It lasts one to six months. Each participant can choose the length of her residency according to her needs and circumstances.

Women in Residence must commit to

  1. Sign a Women in Residence agreement with Dream Text Creative Writing Ltd.
  2. Actively engage by providing writing samples, seeking feedback, and writing in French regularly
  3. Fill in an evaluation form at the end of the residence

Participants learn more about French writing, which they will naturally use at work afterward. They can also add this experience to their resume and count on us for the rest of their careers.

Join the Program

Do you want to improve your professional writing in French? If so, then this program is for you! You can volunteer within our company. In exchange, we offer you personalized feedback on your writing so you to get better at it.