women in residence

Research shows that writing will play a key role in workplace innovation in the 21st century. Employers, aware of the central place of writing in public and private organizations, are increasingly demanding in this area.

Dream Text Creative Writing, a proudly woman-owned business, is committed to supporting women’s career advancement in Canada.

On International Women’s Day 2021, Dream Text Creative Writing is launching a free coaching program: Women in Residence.

Designed by, for and with women, it aims to strengthen the French writing skills of all professional women who dream of changing the world, one word at a time.

Q & A

It is a virtual residence for qualified female professionals looking to improve their #frenchwriting. Through their work-related writing, participants will get feedback and guidance to take their French writing to the next level.

Participants must be

  1. 18 and older
  2. Employed in Canada in one of the following domains: community development, cultural sector, economic development, education
  3. Available for four consecutive weeks minimum, 2 hours a week on average
  4. Willing to learn and grow

You can expect to :

  1. Mobilize existing professional skills
  2. Develop new professional skills
  3. Build up self-confidence
  4. Grow your professional network
  5. Foster future work reference

This is a virtual program. It lasts one to six months. Each participant can choose the length of her residency according to her needs and circumstances.

Dream Text Creative Writing commits to

  1.  Mentor participants to improve their French writing
  2. Feature participants’ professional profile on its website and social media for the duration of the Residence

Woman in Residence must commit to

  1. Sign a Women in Residence Agreement with Dream Text Creative Writing
  2. Actively engage by providing writing sample, seeking feedback and writing in French regularly
  3. Fill-in an evaluation form at the end of the residence